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Italian Proverb: Consolation, for the condemned, …

30 November 2009

Consolation, for the condemned, is to be one of many. Italian Proverb Proverb Link: Consolation, for the condemned, …See More: Italian Proverbs (1854 Proverbs)

German Proverb: Cold hand, a …

29 November 2009

Cold hand, a warm heart. German Proverb Proverb Link: Cold hand, a …See More: German Proverbs (2196 Proverbs)

Latin Proverb: Assistance given when it is not …

28 November 2009

Assistance given when it is not required, is as bad as an injury. Latin Proverb Proverb Link: Assistance given when it is not …See More: Latin Proverbs (2052 Proverbs)

German Proverb: As a man eats, …

27 November 2009

As a man eats, so he works. German Proverb Proverb Link: As a man eats, …See More: German Proverbs (2196 Proverbs)

German Proverb: Appearances are …

26 November 2009

Appearances are deceptive. German Proverb Proverb Link: Appearances are …See More: German Proverbs (2196 Proverbs)

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